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Your Support in Action

The Christmas House Tour and Mistletoe Market is the largest fundraiser for the St. Albans School Parents’ Association and provides resources for faculty grants, faculty and staff appreciation programs, faculty bonuses, and the Upper School Visual Arts Fellowship.  Faculty grants have supported pedagogical research, professional development, and provided equipment, technology, unique workshops, and special lessons that have enriched teaching and learning at St. Albans.

For example, students have participated in a fabulous workshop with a professional blacksmith. Talented artists have guest-taught classes. Laptops and tablets purchased for the Language Department strengthened language learning. A wireless microphone system and LED lighting system enhanced drama performances in the Trapier Theater.

These are just a few of the ways in which funds raised through the Christmas House Tour & Mistletoe Market have helped St. Albans maintain an environment that fosters exceptional learning and growth for our boys.

During the pandemic, the Parents’ Association contributed to a “Resiliency Fund” that helped St. Albans provide effective distance learning, support faculty needs, and address the many unexpected costs associated with responding to Covid-19. 

We thank all our sponsors for their generosity in supporting the St. Albans School community! 

Mr. Miller provides the STA Fathers' Committee with a demonstration of the new DTEN displays

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