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We are excited for Christmas House Tour (“CHT”) to return in person to St. Albans this year; however, we remain mindful of health and safety considerations and have coordinated closely with St. Albans School on COVID risk mitigation procedures, including:


  • All CHT vendors have signed the STA/PECF specific contract provision (known as a “rider”) requiring them to abide by DC and STA/PECF COVID precautions;


  • Vendor booths will be limited to the Refectory, Lane-Johnston 100 level, and Marriott Hall 300 levels, and no classes will take place in those locations;


  • All vendors and CHT visitors/shoppers will remain masked (a) indoors at STA as required by DC regulations for school buildings (and consistent with normal STA practice), (b) on buses to the homes; and (c) in the homes to be toured;


  • The vendor booths in the Refectory will be spread out to increase distance between them and lessen congestion;


  • By agreement with the Lower School Head, students in Forms C, B, and A, with a majority of students who are not yet fully vaccinated, will not visit the indoor CHT booths.  However, CHT will stage the Lower School favorite shopping destination, “The Sweetery,” outdoors so the youngest students can still participate in the fun of CHT.


  • The CHT lunch for visitors will be staged on an indoor/outdoor basis in the Faculty Convocation Room (FCR) and the adjoining Decker Terrace.  Because of the maskless interaction, CHT visitors will need to present proof of vaccination or of a negative COVID test, to be checked by CHT volunteers, in order to be seated indoors in the FCR for lunch.

If you have questions, please contact CHT Operations Chair Dana Spencer ( or Associate Head of School Suzanne Woods (

Covid Protocols

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